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Package Details: pantheon-mail-bzr r2164-1

Git Clone URL: (read-only)
Package Base: pantheon-mail-bzr
Description: The Pantheon Mail Client
Upstream URL:
Licenses: GPL3
Conflicts: pantheon-mail
Provides: pantheon-mail
Submitter: asonix
Maintainer: alucryd
Last Packager: alucryd
Votes: 8
Popularity: 0.757137
First Submitted: 2016-02-21 21:25
Last Updated: 2016-10-13 12:48

Latest Comments

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90torf commented on 2016-10-05 19:42

To fix PKGBUILD, to depends add:

depends=(... 'libaccounts-glib' 'libgsignon-glib')

Works for me.

alucryd commented on 2016-09-12 15:58

@asonix: Thanks for the kind words, I may come up a bit heavy sometimes, but I particularly dislike when people assume they can wing something that requires at least some reading beforehand.

I did see your comment and already added the deps on my github repo, but mail still doesn't build, saying it doesn't find the libgsignon-glib vapi even though it's there. I need to investigate before I can upload something that works here.

asonix commented on 2016-09-12 15:45

killua99, the contributors comment is not for the developers of the package, but the past maintainers. Removing alucryd from the comment is rude.

I'm not exactly sure, but it seems like you wanted alucryd to use your changes from a stable build of pantheon mail. -bzr packages are inherently unstable since they pull from a vcs upstream. If you want a stable package in addition to the -bzr package, you can release it as 'pantheon-mail.'

Personally, I have been guilty of maintaining -bzr and -git packages without rtfm (including this one, check the # contributors in the PKGBUILD). But it is always better to let experienced maintainers handle things.

alucryd may come off as rude sometimes (ex. earlier in this thread "This package has so many wrong deps, among other things, I don't know where to start. Please disown so I can maintain it along the rest of Pantheon."), but it isn't hard to just assume people mean well.

If you're new to packaging, I'd suggest you give value to the input of someone experienced in the area. This package is in a much better place than it was when I was maintaining it.

P.S. Hey alucryd, did you see my comment about the missing libraries?

alucryd commented on 2016-09-12 15:35

I believe you should look up the word insult then.

Anyway, stop trying to victimize yourself, you are clearly in the wrong. You contacted me about granite-bzr being out of date because you don't know that a VCS package's pkgver on AUR means nothing, never about this one not building. I just came back from my vacation and had more importatnt things to do than update this package first thing in the morning, some people go to work.

Moreover, if you had read the wiki page on AUR, you would have understood that names in a PKGBUILD have nothing to do with upstream contributors, and the rules state that you should not delete them, period. Well even without reading, it's called common sense, really.

Oh, FTR, I contribute to upstream Pantheon, sorry to disappoint you there mate.

killua99 commented on 2016-09-12 15:14

First, start you to speak in public without insults. You're in a public forum / community, you should know that.

Second, you know what fork are? you're not even mention pantheon developers, so, I delete you name because I was about to keep that package with some reasonable feedback maintain, without insult on people that sent output. Wasn't randomly, your packages don't compile, that's why people write here. What is the "stealing credit" when you don't even submit code on the Pantheon code, you just write a PKGBUILD. This AUR repository doesn't provide a real PR like others VCS does, also your answers are far away from been polite.

That's why I create the other two, plus I contact you in a nice way that could be easily corrected but you (as always, I see it now) the insult and downgrading people because you have a email and you rtfm.

alucryd commented on 2016-09-12 15:03

You have to start contributing to be able to stop ;)

Randomly uploading PKGBUILDs when you know close to nothing about them, plus stealing credit from those who wrote them by deleting their name, I don't call that contributing, I call that an affront to all contributors who actually know their shit and learned how to do it properly.

killua99 commented on 2016-09-12 14:37

For people like you, people stop contributing, you think you're better cause you rtfm more times that others.

Actually you waste my time.

Is a shame you're the maintainer of a nice desktop env like Pantheon.

alucryd commented on 2016-09-12 11:58

No, I told you to rtfm on vcs packages. Please do that and stop wasting my time.

killua99 commented on 2016-09-12 09:35

If you delete my package then update yours

Current loki revision. r2160 Stable release.

asonix commented on 2016-08-31 23:11

Pantheon Mail does not compile without libgsignon-glib and libaccounts-glib